Past work and proud results.

Oil Life is an aromatherapy supply company and a current client of Jero Marketing. At the start of their journey with us they were trying to solve their high overhead costs by getting a high ROAS. Their break even point was 6X and they were under that when they met us, Losing money. Within the first month, The team in Jero Marketing generated a result of 104X ROAS in one week. Oil Life’s goal was 10X per week. Fast forward today, Oil Life has grown into a 7 figure business and is currently generating 10X-20X plus a week consistently.

Wavoto is a SAAS company for personal branding. Whether a coach or a consultant, Wavoto serves as an all-in-one tool for your business success. Before meeting Jero Marketing, Wavoto had a high cost per lead problem. Causing them to pay upwards of $11 for a simple registration. This and the lack of upfront sales ( they offer trials) made them struggle a bit. After working with Jero Marketing, Their lead costs have gone down to $1 and get consistent upfront sales on their subscriptions every week and over 200 emails weekly with a small budget!

Newmark Goodmann is a lending company for real estate investors. They did not have enough business or appointments to grow their business to the next level. When I met with Jero Marketing, Their appointments were at zero. Within the first week, They were able to generate over 30 appointments and consistently received above 100-200 appointments per month from us. Filling up their calendar ridiculously quickly.

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