About Us

Jero Marketing was founded on December of 2019. After a lot of struggle creating and failing online businesses and almost at the verge of giving up, The founder, Jeffrey Ramirez, Took yet another risky leap of faith. Having worked countless hours and rejected by most companies to work with him, He was starting to feel stuck. When one day, he cracked the code. Just with any business, He saw something he called "Foundational Points". These Foundational Points are the fundamental pillars that build up any business, And of course, If you can't grow your own agency how could you grow your clients? These fundamentals not only apply to Jero Marketing but to all businesses in any industry. And these foundational points are used to this day to grow our client accounts to the next level. By following the principles coined by Jero Marketing Founder Jeffrey Ramirez.

Fast forward today, Jero Marketing now acts as a ghost behind the success of big brands. Although on the outside Jero Marketing has little social presence and following, On the inside we have a vast variety of client accounts who we focus our marketing efforts on. Instead of advertising companies through Jero Marketing, We advertise them on their own social media pages as we grow our client accounts anonymously.

What our customers are saying

"Deciding to go solar was one of the best decisions I ever made"

Our customers don't just like us, they love us!

And we love them!

See what it's like to work with a company that ACTUALLY cares about you and your needs.